The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

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Project Insights

The goal of our public relations work is to make our current activities and exemplary projects more visible. That’s why the people and initiatives that we support take center stage, both in our print publications and on our website. Lighthouse projects both large and small are given a special place.

Here, we provide short updates that reveal current happenings among our projects. In addition, we present in-depth reports and interviews that create a vivid picture of the initiatives that our foundation is privileged to enable and support.

To make this possible, our public relations team visits many of the projects together with the responsible project managers and gets to know the organizations and people on location.

We hope that these reports, in text and image, help to orient engaged individuals regarding possible support from the Software AG Foundation (SAGST) – and encourage them to tread new paths.

Support for Living with Dementia: Memory-Haus Darmstadt

For years, DemenzForum Darmstadt has been providing information about living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related illnesses, as well as assistance with many practical questions. The association wants to build on this important work with the planned “Memory-Haus” in Darmstadt’s Martinsviertel.

The initiative’s website states: “We want a place that not only addresses the seriousness but also conveys the message that life goes on, even with dementia. Similar to how a hospice can take some of the fear out of dying, we want our ‘Memory-House’ to provide a little perspective to living with dementia.” If everything goes according to plan, the new meeting place in the former Max-Rieger-Heim youth centre will open in autumn 2023. The fact that the association can tackle the necessary extensive renovation and extension work is in no small part thanks to the “Echo hilft!” fundraising campaign whereby the regional newspaper “Darmstädter Echo” started attracting public attention for the showcase project as early as 2020, raising 92,000 euros. The Software AG Foundation was also one of the sponsors and, together with the German TV lottery, is making another contribution to the project’s financing.

Several afternoons a week, the Memory-Haus will invite people to an open area with coffee, tea and magazines. There will also be a “Dementhek” where practical aids for everyday life with dementia patients – GPS systems, games, occupational material and more – will be presented and loaned out. Additional day care services are also being considered, as well as an evening care group that could provide relatives with some respite once or twice a week. Moreover, those responsible want to seek direct contact with the neighbourhood through public events and additional programmes. Whether lunch for older people on Saturdays, exercise classes and memory training, or even readings, exhibitions and concerts – there is no shortage of ideas for further networking and social integration.

“For many people, dementia is still a taboo and is only brought up as an issue when it affects them”, says SAGST project manager Elke Rahmann. “That makes it all the more important to provide as much information as possible about this major social challenge, which more than 1.6 million people and their relatives in Germany are facing, and to offer appropriate aid and relief. DemenzForum has been doing valuable work in this area for years, and the planned Memory-Haus is an ideal way to expand on it.”

Fisch geernter Mangold

It is obvious that the quality of our food is related to the way it is produced. In his recently published book “A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality”, the Danish scientist Dr Jens-Otto Anderson shows the contribution biodynamic agriculture can make in this context.

Ältere Dame beim Teigrühren

Does your grandma bake the best cakes and your grandpa know how to repair a broken lamp? Such valuable competencies are to be consciously integrated in the planned baking workshop and new repair café in the Postsiedlung neighbourhood in Darmstadt. Now the expansion of the former bakery into a meeting centre can begin.

Kinder beim Spielen auf dem Osterhof

The new building for the home school of the Osterhof therapy centre near Baiersbronn is in its final phase – the children who have found a temporary home here in the Black Forest will probably be able to start using the new classrooms and the spacious schoolyard playground in summer 2022.


Advice and support, sponsorships, tutoring and cultural youth work: The IKJA association, which emerged from an international student initiative, helps refugee youth and families on many levels.