Biodynamic for better Food Quality: “A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality”

Among organic forms of cultivation and associations, biodynamic agriculture in accordance with the specifications of the Demeter Association is a particularly compatible form. But what really sets it apart? In his book “A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality”, published at the end of 2021, the Danish researcher Dr Jens-Otto Anderson approaches this question on several levels. He follows up on his earlier publication “Vitality: From Soil to Stomach”, in which he explained the connections between food quality, nutrition and health from an anthroposophic perspective. In the new publication, also sponsored by the Software AG Foundation, he takes a look at very specific aspects of biodynamic food production.

After reviewing the historical roots, the scientist covers everything from the elements central to biodynamic agriculture to the spiritual-scientific view of plants and food quality resulting from anthroposophic ideas. The individual chapters address issues such as factors for living healthy soil, the basics of composting or the production of “biodynamic preparations”, which are used as a kind of field homoeopathy. Andersen explains methods and results from current research projects as well as organic plant breeding and presents special procedures such as image-creating methods, vitality tests or even sensory tests in the context of empathic food testing.

“With his latest book, Jens-Otto Andersen once again makes biodynamic agriculture accessible in practice,” emphasises SAGST project manager Markus Kleikemper. “Anyone interested in this form of agriculture and a broader view of the quality of our food will benefit from reading it. We hope that it will also make it easier for young people to gain access to the anthroposophic backdrop to this way of farming.”

Jens-Otto Andersen:
A Biodynamic Guide to Food Quality
Biodynamic Research Association DK, 2021

Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN: 9788798872610

The book is available for free download from the website of the Biodynamic Research Association Denmark. Alternatively, it can be ordered there in printed form for 15 euros per copy plus 13 euros for international shipping.