It’s easy! Basic Information about our Foundation in Plain Language

Texts in ‘plain language’ are an important step towards accessibility. They are written in such a way that even people with low literacy levels and language skills can understand the content well. The target group is non-native speakers and visitors to the homepage who have a reading or writing disorder, as well as people with assistance needs.

The page in ‘plain language’ provides basic information about the Software AG Foundation (SAGST) and the motivation of its founder, Dr. h. c. Peter Schnell. It identifies the various areas of funding as well as selection criteria and explains what is essential for working with the project partners. “SAGST has been committed to inclusion and social participation for many years”, emphasises Executive Managing Director Peter Augustin. “We support funding projects for people with a migration history or difficult educational paths, as well as initiatives that promote coexistence on an equal footing for people with and without assistance needs. It is only logical that our work should also be presented as simply as possible.”